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OnGuard is a comprehensive worker safety, monitoring and communication service supporting the implementation of a health & safety management system at minimum impact to existing workflows actively reducing the risk of incidents and related downtime.

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Advanced Capabilities of OnGuard

OnGuard increases workplace safety and productivity by providing solutions to six critical challenges:

Location tracking

Location Tracking

One of the fundamentals of workplace safety and productivity is having visibility into the location of your workforce.

Accident Prevention

OnGuard is the only solution that actively prevents accidents from happening.

Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker Protection

Know the safety status of all workers at all times and be readily alerted in case of an incident.

Emergency Response

Quickly assess and manage any emergency situation and follow defined emergency protocols to avoid negligence and litigation.

Safety Compliance

Safety Compliance

Safety compliance means to be in accordance with federal and local standards and regulations around safety.

Team Communication

Worker Productivity

Worker productivity is crucial to gain a competitive advantage. Increasing the output per every dollar spent has become increasingly difficult.

  • “OnGuard has helped us meet our legislative requirements, they have made us confident that we are investing in the very best technology available to protect our employees.”

    Suncor EH&S Advisor
    Neil Gamble
    Suncor EH&S Advisor
  • “When we needed to protect our workers during the night shift, we looked to OnGuard to provide the security that we would be monitored 24/7/365. OnGuard has far surpassed our expectations and given us the piece of mind we can’t live without.”

    Fire Chief, Labrador City Fire Department
    Joe Power
    Fire Chief, Labrador City Fire Department
  • “With OnGuard, we know where our enforcement staff are at all times and with the scheduled check-in system and panic button, we trust that OnGuard has our backs.”

    Enforcement Resource Specialist,
 Calgary Parking Authority
    Evel Kiez
    Enforcement Resource Specialist,
 Calgary Parking Authority
  • “OnGuard far exceeds our expectations and gives us the confidence that our investigators are kept safe, no matter what situation may arise.”

    Senior Manager, Cruelty Investigations BCSPCA
    Shawn Eccles
    Senior Manager, Cruelty Investigations BCSPCA
  • “With extremely long distances between our customer’s facilities and emergency services, we needed to make sure that our workers felt secure and supported in the event of an emergency. The instant communications and professional emergency monitoring, provide that security for all of our facilities.”

    Digital Transformation Manager, Telstra Mining Services
    Ian Ross
    Digital Transformation Manager, Telstra Mining Services

    OnGuard Lone Safety

    Complies with Federal and Provincial Regulations