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OnGuard Worker Safety

Command Portal

The OnGuard Worker Safety platform consists of two components: The mobile app and the Command Portal.
The OnGuard web-based Command Portal provides full overview about location and safety status of every worker.

Emergency Alerts List

When a Panic, Man Down, or other Emergency event is triggered within the OnGuard system, the alerting user is automatically added to the Emergency Alerts List. If OnGuard is running in the background on your computer, it will automatically be brought to the forefront and the Emergency will be highlighted so it won’t be missed.

Urgent Watch List

The HazLoc, Urgent Watch List let’s you know at a glance who is using HazLoc and who may require additional oversight.

Quickly determine which of your workers are maintaining their check-in schedule and meeting compliance requirements.

Manual Check-ins

When you are not able to use GPS or ALI indoor location technology to pinpoint your location, you can let the Web ERC dispatcher know exactly where you are and they can manually add you to the map. This will allow you to remain resident in the system and if a Panic Alert is triggered, everyone will know where you are located.

Two-way Direct Messaging

With two-way messaging, you can quickly let your connected team know what is going on. Either one-to-one or one-to-many type messages are available that allow you to get your message out quickly and accurately.

On-demand Locations

When you really need to know exactly where someone is, right now…you can use the On-demand Location feature to “ping” the user and get an instant location update. You don’t have to rely on the automatic system location to update their position.

Full Remote Configuration

Remote configuration allows a supervisor to change a worker’s phone settings remotely from the OnGuard Web Administration Console or Web ERC. Each individual setting can be configured and locked by authorized administrators so that users can no longer make unauthorized changes to their personal settings.

24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring

OnGuard has you covered 24/7/365 with emergency dispatchers that are ready to make sure you have the best possible outcome for your emergency.

OnGuard partners with GEOS to define what YOUR emergency response protocol is and provide the gold standard in emergency management.

Mobile Coverage Maps

OnGuard generates cellular coverage maps wherever your lone workers travel. This produces detailed wireless coverage maps over your territory showing areas with great, and not so great coverage so you know where your workers will be protected.

Emergency Management Dashboard

Managing an emergency requires split-second decision making based on best practice and defined protocols. OnGuard’s Emergency Management Dashboard gives you defined call down lists, call management profiles, escalation notes and contact management tools. With dynamic maps and lat/lon locations, management of any event becomes possible.

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