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Remote Control

remote control

Remote control allows a supervisor to change a worker’s phone settings remotely from the OnGuard web-based command portal. Each individual setting can be configured and locked by authorized administrators so that users can no longer make unauthorized changes to their personal settings. This avoids critical safety functions to become tampered with by negligent workers which could lead to compliance issues for the organization.

A new system or software installed on the phone always spikes the interest of users. It is very common for employees to tamper with or even try to sabotage the software provided on their work phones. Software or devices that track workers are often targets of these attempts even if they ensure the safety of the worker and continuity of the company. In the same way that tampering with machine safeguards or PPE is forbidden, it is also forbidden to tamper with digital PPE.

In the case of specific regulations, there is no room for personalization or negligence as they lead to non-compliance with potentially negative outcomes for the employee and the employer.

OnGuard therefore enables you to modify and lock down the settings of certain features as if you had a remote control. A typical example is when a worker changes his/her interval for the Life Check Mode from one hour to four hours or completely exits the mode so he/she would not be bothered by the request to provide a proof of life. Another example is when a worker will be monitored and his location will be tracked. These functions can be modified and locked down remotely by the administrator of the command portal. The user will see locked down functions as greyed out.

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