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Wearables – IoT

Wearables come in many different form factors to offer workers elevated safety. From simple panic buttons and remote speaker microphones to sophisticated gas detectors and heart rate sensors, OnGuard integrates with all IoT wearables to provide more accurate information to a response team about the type of alert and how to effectively respond.

Wearables can provide additional safety and convenience to workers and value to the overall organization.It’s not always easy to reach your phone, so Bluetooth connected wearables that specialize in certain tasks can provide convenience and information. This can be as simple as a small panic button that allows a worker in distress to call for help without having to access their phone. Wearables can also allow users to check-in at designated times without having to handle their phone. Smart watches that provide heart rate data can provide additional information to a response team in case of an emergency.

For industrial workers using gas detectors to warn them of any harmful gases, the OnGuard Safety application increases the functionality of the system dramatically. When a worker is exposed to a hazardous atmosphere, OnGuard transmits the gas alert to all of the connected workers on site, the emergency response team and the command portal. Everyone is informed that there has been a gas release and a coordinated response can be initiated immediately.

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