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Urgent Watch List

How do you as a supervisor or EHS Manager get a quick overview of workers that are required to provide proof of life on a regular basis so you can provide the necessary oversight? The Watch List let’s you know at a glance who is using Life Check Mode so you can quickly determine which of your workers are checking in regularly and meeting compliance requirements.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure that workers performing tasks with an elevated risk are safe. But even in smaller teams it is hard to always keep track of who is currently working on various tasks and what their safety status is. OnGuard will place workers that are in Life Check Mode and required to check in on regular intervals, on a special watch list. This gives supervisors and team leaders an easy overview of who is currently requiring additional supervision. Should a worker become incapacitated and miss their life check, the system will escalate them automatically onto an Urgent Watch List where supervisors can track incidents simultaneously until they are resolved.

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