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panic button

When an emergency happens and workers need immediate help, they can simply press a panic button either on the screen, on equipped rugged phones or wearable IoT devices. The press of the panic button will instantly trigger an Emergency Alert to the Command Portal dispatcher, 24/7 emergency monitoring, and everyone on your team. Our emergency alarm system ensures that you get the help you need, when you need it!

In most cases a panic button is the most effective solution of alerting others of an emergency situation. First responders know the little red button on their two-way radios but these buttons come in many shapes and digital forms. Primarily on a mobile device, a panic button could be a dedicated red field on the screen. The disadvantage is that to access this button, the phone needs to be unlocked and the app that provides the panic button needs to be accessed. On consumer grade smart phones without dedicated buttons, pressing the power button four times is an option but could lead to false alerts and is still quite cumbersome. Ruggedized phones with dedicated red panic buttons that need to be pushed for a certain period of time are a better solution. A dedicated alerting device might be a Bluetooth or phone-independent accessory that can be worn around the neck or on the belt with a button that can be easily accessed. These pendant SOS devices have also proven valuable with seniors and children to call for help when needed.

OnGuard provides all of the above options so users can choose the most suitable way to trigger an Emergency Alert depending on their situation.

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