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Life Check Mode

Life Check Mode

Not everybody is a lone worker but even within an industrial site many workers are working alone without any oversight. Life Check Mode provides a piece of mind to supervisors and workers knowing that no worker is left behind by allowing them to quickly check-in on a regular basis and provide proof of life. In some countries and industries it is even a regulatory requirement to ensure the employee’s safety and health “throughout each workshift at regular intervals appropriate to the job assignment

When users enter Life Check Mode, they are immediately added to a priority Watch List so dispatchers and supervisors are aware that a worker is performing a duty without oversight. The workers are reminded on regular intervals to complete a quick check-in by pressing a button on the screen or a dedicated mobile device button to provide a proof of life so supervisors have peace of mind that all workers are accounted for. These intervals can be modified from shorter intervals (e.g. 15mins) for lone workers working in hazardous areas to longer intervals (e.g. 3 hours) for workers on sites to make sure everybody is accounted for.

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