Fall Detection

Fall Detection

After transportation-related deaths, falls are the No. 1 cause of death on the job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  In some industries, like construction, falls are the leading cause of death. A good reason to implement a good fall prevention and fall detection system.

It is crucial that a person surviving a fall gets immediate help. A man down alarm ensures no one will be left alone in the event of a workplace incident. Our comprehensive fall alert system uses sensors built into Android smartphones or connected wearables like bracelets to detect that you have fallen, are motionless and may be injured.

You can’t always rely on someone having the ability to press a panic button to alert a dispatch center of an emergency situation. One of the most common incidents is that a worker was performing a routine task but tripped or slipped and got injured severely. Fighting with tremendous pain or being completely incapacitated, the worker is not able to reach his phone. However, the OnGuard Safety application, detected the fall and started a set countdown which after expiring, triggered an automatic alarm to the Emergency Response Center, letting them know the specific nature of this emergency status alert was a fall. After being unable to reach the worker, they send a response team. The worker received quick treatment and serious consequences were avoided. Without OnGuard the worker would have been laying there without help for what could have been many hours.

This capability is also very important in healthcare especially for seniors living alone or in assisted living facilities, who still require monitoring. Any device with an accelerometer could be used to identify a fall and send quick support immediately, which works in combination with idle detection.

Check out this short video explaining how fall detection might support your safety program:

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