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Lone Worker Protection

It is in the employer’s interest to ensure workers safety from both regulatory perspective but also from a cost perspective. One critical area is to allow all workers to alert others when they are not safe anymore. This is particularly important for lone worker protection as they often work without any supervision nor anyone around. In most countries, employers are required by law through occupational health and safety agencies (e.g. OSHA in the USA or HSE in the UK to just give two examples), to take specific precautions to control the risks for their lone workers.

But what is a lone worker? From a worker checking on an oil pipeline in a remote area to a retail worker alone in a shop, a lone worker can be someone working remotely far away from other co-workers in the headquarters or other people in general but also someone working by themselves without close or direct supervision.

OnGuard above all other lone worker protection solutions, provides the best capabilities for employers to understand the safety status of all workers and be readily alerted in case of an incident. This page provides an overview of the different capabilities workers will benefit from when using the OnGuard Lone Worker Protection platform.

panic button alert

Panic Button

When an emergency happens and workers need immediate help, they can simply press a panic button either on the screen, on equipped rugged phones or wearable IoT devices. The press of the panic button will instantly trigger an Emergency Alert to the command portal dispatcher, 24/7 emergency monitoring, and everyone on your team. Our emergency alarm system ensures that you get the help you need, when you need it!

life check mode check-in timer

Life Check Mode

Not everybody is a lone worker but even within an industrial site many workers are working alone without any oversight. Life Check Mode provides a piece of mind to supervisors and workers knowing that no worker is left behind by allowing them to quickly check-in on a regular basis and provide proof of life.

fall detection man down

Fall Detection

When you fall down, you want friends or co-workers to know about it. A man down alarm ensures no one will be left alone in the event of a workplace incident. Our comprehensive fall alert system uses sensors built into Android smartphones or connected wearables like bracelets to detect that you have fallen, are motionless and may be injured.

idle detection

Idle Detection

When a worker suffers a cardiac arrest or becomes unconscious, time is of the essence. You need to know immediately so you can get them the help they need. OnGuard’s Idle Detection is triggered when there is a period of stillness with the worker. It can be configured to alert after only 30 seconds or up to three minutes. Regular motion keeps the system from alerting so there’s no need to push any buttons.

gas detector IoT wearables

Wearables IoT

Wearables come in many different form factors to offer workers elevated safety. From simple panic buttons and remote speaker microphones to sophisticated gas detectors and heart rate sensors, OnGuard integrates with all IoT wearables to provide more accurate information to a response team about the type of alert and how to effectively respond.

Watch List

Watch List

How do you as a supervisor or EHS Manager get a quick overview of workers that are required to provide proof of life on a regular basis so you can provide the necessary oversight? The Urgent Watch List let’s you know at a glance who is using Life Check Mode so you can quickly determine which of your workers are checking in regularly and meeting compliance requirements.
  • “OnGuard far exceeds our expectations and gives us the confidence that our investigators are kept safe, no matter what situation may arise.”

    Senior Manager, Cruelty Investigations BCSPCA
    Shawn Eccles
    Senior Manager, Cruelty Investigations BCSPCA
  • “When we needed to protect our workers during the night shift, we looked to OnGuard to provide the security that we would be monitored 24/7/365. OnGuard has far surpassed our expectations and given us the piece of mind we can’t live without.”

    Fire Chief, Labrador City Fire Department
    Joe Power
    Fire Chief, Labrador City Fire Department
  • “With extremely long distances between our customer’s facilities and emergency services, we needed to make sure that our workers felt secure and supported in the event of an emergency. The instant communications and professional emergency monitoring, provide that security for all of our facilities.”

    Digital Transformation Manager, Telstra Mining Services
    Ian Ross
    Digital Transformation Manager, Telstra Mining Services
  • “With OnGuard, we know where our enforcement staff are at all times and with the scheduled check-in system and panic button, we trust that OnGuard has our backs.”

    Enforcement Resource Specialist, Calgary Parking Authority
    Evel Kiez
    Enforcement Resource Specialist, Calgary Parking Authority

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