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Overlay Maps & Integration

Overlay Maps

OnGuard can add a custom map overlay that will render your building layout over a map and allow you to pinpoint individuals within a building on any floor or in any room and track their movement. OnGuard also integrates with geographic information system providers to allow OnGuard capabilities within their web-based portals.

Adding the floor plans of your building as overlay maps to OnGuard allows you to better visualize locations within the building using OnGuard ALI technology for Automatic Indoor & Underground Locations. It provides more granular worker tracking and accountability to identify how much time is spent in specific work areas or levels of the building by specific teams.

If you’re using a geographic information system provider such as ESRI ArcGIS to add relevant workforce data, use the ArcGIS widget to display your real-time data from OnGuard inside ESRI. All capabilities ensure your workforce is safe and productive within your ESRI account.

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