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Indoor & Underground Positioning

Indoor & Underground Positioning

Precise three dimensional positioning is crucial for quick incident response. In multi-floor buildings like hospitals or hotels, with hundreds of rooms, security teams need to know the exact room with the individual who pressed the panic button. Many industrial sites have underground locations where monitoring is crucial to workers safety.

Using OnGuard’s proprietary ALI (Assisted Location Instrumentation) technology, a building can be quickly and inexpensively instrumented to provide dynamic and accurate indoor locations, regardless of GPS availability. Users are automatically located as they move between the ALI nodes without any buttons to push and manual check-ins to complete.

NFC Technology provides another method to check-in when GPS is unavailable. With OnGuard NFC tags placed throughout a building, workers can simply tap the tag with their phone to check-in, providing their precise location. NFC tags also demonstrate proof of work to validate a guard is following his required route. OnGuard even makes it easy to track positioning on a map when you are underground or in a large metal clad building, unable to receive GPS signals. When the GPS signal is restored, the system will automatically complete location check-in and update your location within the Command Portal.

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