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GPS Geolocation

Accurate GPS Geolocation

GPS Geolocation is the most commonly used way of locating and tracking the movement of a GPS enabled device. Most vendors use the Google service. OnGuard’s GPS-OG proprietary algorithms ensure the most rapid, accurate and efficient locations available unlike other services which can be inaccurate and heavy on battery consumption.

Geolocation is the identification or estimation of the real-world geographic location of an object such as a mobile phone. OnGuard uses worldwide geolocation standards (ISO/IEC 19762-5:2008) for our real time locating system providing both latitude and longitude data and a user interface to easily locate the object on a map and take action.

The standard routine has been designed to reduce battery consumption by leaving the GPS hardware turned off as much as possible and instead use a database containing known locations of RF sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi points to estimate location. This can lead applications to record a location with an uncertainty as great as 500 meters. This may be perfectly adequate for advertisers, but for safety applications like OnGuard, the best possible accuracy is essential for lone workers in need of urgent or emergency assistance.

To avoid such location inaccuracies OnGuard uses its own proprietary algorithm to optimize GPS availability and reduce battery usage, periodically refreshing aiding data and GPS clock synchronization while using very little power. Because this algorithm keeps the GPS in a Hot state, it generates a very fast initial Fix that quickly improves to +/- 3.0 meters typically using 8 to 22 satellites for each Fix, while minimizing battery drain.

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