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On-demand Exact Positioning

on-demand exact positioning

GPS-OG proprietary algorithms ensure the most rapid, accurate and efficient locations available allowing automatic check-ins without user intervention. When you really need to know exactly where someone is at any given moment,you can use the on-demand exact positioning feature to ping the user and get an instant location update. You don’t have to rely on the automatic system location or the user to provide an update to their position.

Knowing the exact location of a worker is crucial to responding. A system needs to balance the need between always knowing where workers are and preserving phone battery life. You can have almost real time positioning but it might exhaust your battery within a few hours. OnGuard has one of the most accurate and battery saving location algorithms in place and the default is to send the location data every 15 minutes unless a user checks in manually. However, in an incident or an alert, where you need to know immediately where certain workers are, the dispatcher can simply request on-demand exact positioning and be able to respond more accurately.

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