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Medical Info Screen

Medical Info Screen

What would be the most important thing for a paramedic to know when he arrives at a site with an unconscious patient? Medical history arms paramedics with the information they need to provide patients the best care and avoid providing potentially harmful treatments. First responders are being trained to check the wrist, neck and phone for this medical information. OnGuard allows users to enter personal health information into their user profile to be shown on the screen as a medical info screen when an Emergency Alert is triggered.

Information is crucial to anything we do in our life. Your medical history provides indication on the most effective treatment. The modern ambulance crew is often licensed to administer most drugs available in the emergency room at the hospital. They often cannot do that without your accurate medical history. Ambulance crews have to treat many patients with very little information; sometimes without any identification and who can’t speak. First responders and participants of any first aid course are taught to check the phone or medical alert bracelet for available medical data. Information about allergies, medications with dosages and certain medical pre-conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure or seizures amongst others is crucial to providing successful treatment.

The OnGuard medical info screen pops up as soon as an emergency alert is triggered. It is only stored on the phone and not on a server or within the command portal so personal health information can remain confidential.

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