Emergency Management Dashboard

Managing an emergency requires split-second decision making based on best practice and defined protocols. For supervisors or staff that are not fully trained emergency dispatchers, these situations can become very overwhelming. OnGuard’s Emergency Management Dashboard provides a quick overview of the situation and how to respond according to standard operating procedures.

OnGuard provides a 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Service, though many companies have their own dispatchers and they prefer to keep management in-house. However, an emergency alert is a stressful situation and even the most skilled dispatcher might blank during an emergency. The OnGuard Emergency Management Dashboard provides the necessary guidance to all dispatchers. It brings up defined call down lists, call management profiles, escalation notes and contact management tools to follow standard operating procedures established by the safety team. The dispatcher is able to follow the movements of users in the dynamic maps, take notes about the steps taken until the incident is resolved. Through OnGuard and clear guidelines in an easy to use dashboard, every incident becomes manageable.

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