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Emergency Alert List

emergency alert list

When a Panic, Man Down, or other Emergency Alert is triggered within the OnGuard system, the alerting user is automatically added to the Emergency Alerts List. If OnGuard is running in the background on your computer, it will automatically be brought to the forefront and the emergency will be highlighted so it won’t be missed.

When an Emergency Alert is triggered, either through the press of a panic button, an expired Life Check Timer, Fall or Idle Detection or through a Gas Detector, the event should never be missed by the dispatcher. In some incidents, several workers might be involved and several incidents may happen simultaneously. With OnGuard, everyone involved in an incident is placed onto an Emergency Alert List until a dispatcher, resolves the incident, which ensures no incident slips through the cracks. The List will pop up on the dispatcher’s screen from where the emergency responder can choose to answer and resolve the incident through the Emergency Management Dashboard.

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