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Emergency Response

What is an Emergency? When an incident has not been properly managed by correcting a hazard or the incident response plan has proven insufficient, the incident can escalate into an emergency which is is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or the environment or a situation that has already caused an impact to health, life, property or the environment. Such cases require an appropriate emergency response but can involve a lot of stress on dispatchers lacking the right training. To identify the appropriate emergency response, a quick assessment of the situation is crucial. Bigger organizations have dedicated emergency response teams but many employers do not have the resources to have dedicated teams and equipment. OnGuard provides capabilities to quickly assess and manage any emergency situation for large and small organizations and helps responders to follow defined emergency protocols in order to avoid negligence and litigation.

emergency alert list

Emergency Alert List

When a Panic, Man Down, or other Emergency Alert is triggered within the OnGuard system, the alerting user is automatically added to the Emergency Alerts List. If OnGuard is running in the background on your computer, it will automatically be brought to the forefront and the emergency will be highlighted so it won’t be missed.

on-demand exact positioning

On-demand Exact Positioning

GPS-OG proprietary algorithms ensure the most rapid, accurate and efficient locations available allowing automatic check-ins without user intervention. When you really need to know exactly where someone is at any given moment,you can use the on-demand location feature to ping the user and get an instant location update. You don’t have to rely on the automatic system location to update their position.

hot mic

Hot Mic / Video

After a user presses a panic button to trigger an Emergency Alert it is important for the responder to quickly assess the situation. Location data is one important component but to really get a full picture of the situation, voice and video are paramount. A worker under stress might not be able to pick up a call or engage in PTT communication. It also helps to identify false alarms quickly and can be critical to have as evidence in a lawsuit.

emergency management dashboard

Emergency Management Dashboard

Managing an emergency requires split-second decision making based on best practice and defined protocols. For supervisors or staff that are not fully trained emergency dispatchers, these situations can become very overwhelming. OnGuard’s Emergency Management Dashboard provides a quick overview of the situation and how to respond according to standard operating procedures.

emergency monitoring

Emergency Monitoring

Many organizations do not have a trained 24/7 dispatch center. Often supervisors and EHS managers are assigned to a call down list. But too often these people cannot be available all the time especially during overtime, night shifts or weekends. Plus, they are often stuck in meetings with their phones set to silent. OnGuard provides a 24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring Service with trained emergency response dispatchers.

medical info screen

Medical Info Screen

What would be the most important thing for a paramedic to know when he arrives at a site with an unconscious patient? Medical history arms paramedics with the information they need to provide patients the best care and avoid providing potentially harmful treatments. First responders are being trained to check the wrist, neck and phone for this medical information. OnGuard allows users to enter personal health information into their user profile to be shown on the screen when an Emergency Alert is triggered.

  • “With extremely long distances between our customer’s facilities and emergency services, we needed to make sure that our workers felt secure and supported in the event of an emergency. The instant communications and professional emergency monitoring, provide that security for all of our facilities.”

    Digital Transformation Manager, Telstra Mining Services
    Ian Ross
    Digital Transformation Manager, Telstra Mining Services
  • “When we needed to protect our workers during the night shift, we looked to OnGuard to provide the security that we would be monitored 24/7/365. OnGuard has far surpassed our expectations and given us the piece of mind we can’t live without.”

    Fire Chief, Labrador City Fire Department
    Joe Power
    Fire Chief, Labrador City Fire Department
  • “OnGuard far exceeds our expectations and gives us the confidence that our investigators are kept safe, no matter what situation may arise.”

    Senior Manager, Cruelty Investigations BCSPCA
    Shawn Eccles
    Senior Manager, Cruelty Investigations BCSPCA
  • “With OnGuard, we know where our enforcement staff are at all times and with the scheduled check-in system and panic button, we trust that OnGuard has our backs.”

    Enforcement Resource Specialist, Calgary Parking Authority
    Evel Kiez
    Enforcement Resource Specialist, Calgary Parking Authority

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