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Network Awareness

data network coverage map

One critical requirement of being able to track and ensure the safety of your workers but also to provide them with the required data at the right time, is the access to a data network. Most mobile carriers say they have the best data network coverage but you know no matter who you choose, there will be areas without coverage. That’s why companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy backup solutions in case the network is insufficient. OnGuard can provide you detailed insights of the network strength in your working area and potentially prevent the need to invest in back-up solutions.

OnGuard generates cellular coverage maps wherever your lone workers travel. This produces detailed wireless coverage maps across your territory showing areas with sufficient, and insufficient coverage so you know where your workers will be protected and where you will need contingency solutions like satellites or two-way radio communication. This allows you to create a detailed plan around such areas to keep track if workers have exited no-coverage areas as expected. Ask us about our Network Discovery Service to provide you great insights and potentially eliminate alternative investments and reduce the number of devices workers are carrying around daily.

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