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Danger Zones

Danger Zone

In dangerous situations: a gas leak in the utility industry, an explosion site in mining, or an active shooter event, you don’t want individuals to enter a defined zone without the right training, equipment or credentials. At OnGuard, zones that might cause an imminent threat to your life without taking the necessary measures, are called Danger Zones.

A Danger Zone will trigger specific events that are different from a Hazard Zone. A worker in a Danger Zone without the right credentials, training or equipment, will be treated like a worker that triggered an emergency alert. The dispatcher will have special tools and can manage the incident in the Emergency Management Dashboard.

Danger zones can be dropped onto areas where workers are currently present to immediately inform them to clear the area. New workers entering these areas would be notified to return to a safe area while trained staff can cross the Danger Zone geofence without interruption.

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