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OnGuard Worker Safety

Capabilities of the Mobile App

The OnGuard Worker Safety platform consists of two components: The mobile app and the Command Portal.
The OnGuard app provides situational awareness and alerting capabilities for workers in the field turning the mobile phone into Digital PPE.

Any Android or iOS Device

OnGuard is supported on any Android 4.0 device, or higher as well as all Apple iOS devices. (Functionality may differ between Android and Apple devices due to iOS restrictions).

Remote Configuration

Remote configuration allows a supervisor to change a worker’s phone settings remotely from the OnGuard Web Emergency Response Console or Web ERC. Each individual setting can be configured and locked by authorized administrators so that users can not make changes to their personal settings.

Fall Detection

When you fall down, you want friends or co-workers to know about it; a man down alarm ensures no one will be left alone in the event of a work place incident. With our comprehensive fall alert system, we use sensors built into Android smartphones to detect that you have fallen, are motionless and may be injured.

Man Down Detection also works with smartphones and connected wearables like pendants and bracelets that have dedicated man down firmware and sensors to allow man down detection with iOS (Apple) devices.

Idle Detection

When a worker suffers a cardiac arrest or becomes unconscious, time is of the essence. You need to know immediately so you can get them the help they need. OnGuard’s Idle Detection is triggered when there is a period of stillness with the worker. It can be configured to go into alert after only 30 seconds or up to 3 minutes. Normal motion keeps the system from alerting; no need to push any buttons.

Panic Notification

When an emergency happens and you need help NOW, a panic alert instantly raises an alarm to the Web ERC Dispatcher, 24/7 3rd Party Monitoring, and everyone in your group. Our panic alarm system ensures that you get the help you need, when you need it!

You initiate a Panic Alert simply by pressing a dedicated red button on equipped smartphones or tapping a large Panic button icon on the screen of other smartphones. For added convenience, a wearable device can also be used to initiate a Panic Alert.

Life Check Mode

When your job takes you to an unusually dangerous place or situation, OnGuard has your back. We call these places Life Check Zones.

When a user enters into Life Check Mode, they are immediately added to a priority Watch List so dispatchers are more aware that a worker is performing a duty in, or travelling through, a hazardous area.

The worker is prompted to provide a “Proof of Life” on a regular interval that confirms all is well, and work will continue.

Auto Check-in Schedule

Most workers don’t want another task added to their duties but they understand the need to comply with safety regulations.

OnGuard makes compliance easy with automated check-ins on predefined, easy to manage schedules.

Using the scheduling feature allows you to set your work schedule and be confident that you will be protected during work hours and you can enjoy your privacy when you are not working.

Flexibility in scheduling allows different days on and off as well as setting your work hours for each day.

No buttons to push, no need to remember to check-in, and their location is automatically updated and sent to the Web ERC where emergency response personnel are on guard.

Manual Check-in

When you are underground or in a large metal clad building and unable to receive GPS signals, OnGuard makes it easy to mark your current position on a map and keep the system updated so everyone knows where you are. When GPS coverage is restored, the system will automatically do your check-in and update your location with the Web ERC.

NFC Check-in

NFC Technology provides another method to check-in where GPS is unavailable.

With OnGuard NFC tags placed throughout a building workers simply tap the tag with their phone to check-in. This action provides precise location information with a simple action.


A geofence acts as an imaginary trip line around a specific location that generates various different actions within OnGuard.

Crossing in or out of a geofence can trigger state changes, check-ins, alerts, and will automatically notify users of hazards and compliance requirements associated with a particular location or area.

Indoor & Underground Location

Using OnGuard’s proprietary Bluetooth ALI (Assisted Location Instrumentation) technology, a building can be quickly and inexpensively instrumented to provide dynamic and accurate indoor locations, regardless of GPS availability.

Users are automatically located as they move between the ALI nodes, no buttons to push, no manual check-ins to complete.

Custom Map Overlays

To really bring your building to life, OnGuard can add a custom map overlay that will render your building layout over the map.

Adding the actual floor plan of your building allows you to visualize locations within the building using OnGuard ALI technology for Automatic Indoor & Underground Locations.

ESRI ArcGIS Online Integration

Already an ESRI customer?

Use the ArcGIS widget to display all your OnGuard real time data inside ESRI.

Mobile Hazard Alert

Industrial sites often have large, mobile, heavy equipment and operators have limited visibility.

OnGuard Mobile Hazard feature is like a geofence that surrounds and moves with the vehicle like a halo. When the halo line intersects with a worker or another vehicle, both parties are notified of approaching danger for accident avoidance and the device triggers a Danger Alert in the Web ERC.

Flexible Schedules

Using the scheduling feature allows you to set your work schedule and be confident that you will be protected during work hours, and you can enjoy your privacy when you are not working.

Flexibility in scheduling allows different days on and off as well as setting your work hours for each day.

Network Connection Awareness

When the device isn’t connected to the system, due to poor or no cellular service, all location data is stored in the handset until connectivity is restored. Once the connection is restored, the system is updated and all of the historic location data is added to the server. Really remote areas? We have solutions for that too.

User and Group Visibility

Being able to see where your co-workers are can make a big difference when they need your help. At a glance, you can see where everyone is and tapping on a user allows you to jump to their location. If you long press on a user, you have the options of turn by turn navigation to get to them quickly.

Wearable Accessories

It’s not always easy or convenient to reach your phone, but you still need to be able to check-in or initiate a Panic Alert. OnGuard makes it easy with Bluetooth wearables such as the AINA Smart Button. Pressing the red key from this pendant/button will instantly trigger a panic alert. Other buttons allow the user to check-in on schedule without having to handle their phone.

Personal Gas Detector Support

When an MSA gas detector is paired wirelessly with the OnGuard Safety application, the functionality of the system increases dramatically. When a worker is exposed to a hazardous atmosphere, OnGuard transmits the GAS ALERT to all of the connected workers on site, the emergency response team and the Web ERC. EVERYONE knows that there has been a gas release and a coordinated response can be initiated immediately.

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