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Automatically turning monitoring ON and OFF

Your privacy is of utmost importance to OnGuard and we want to make sure that your location is only being monitored while you are at work. The schedule feature allows you to set a work schedule to automatically turn off location tracking when you are off work and bring it back on when you get back to work.

How does it work?

The function is the same as if you turn monitoring ON or OFF manually by pressing the “eye” icon on the main screen. But for your convenience, you can set your regular work hours and not have to worry about remembering to turn it on or off. Your off work privacy will be ensured!

How to set a work schedule in the mobile app?

In the settings menu under monitoring, move the toggle for “Use schedule” to the right.

After “On” set the time that your work day starts and monitoring will turn ON automatically.

After “Off” set the time that your work day ends and monitoring will turn OFF automatically.

Activate all days that the schedule should apply to. On days that are not activated, the monitoring will stay OFF completely.

Set work schedule 


How to set a work schedule for your workers as a dispatcher in the Command Portal?

Under User Properties > Settings move the switch for Use schedule to the right. Just like in the app, modify times for On and Off schedule and choose the days that the schedule should apply to.

An admin can lock this feature by activating the lock icon. When the lock is activated, the app user will not be able to modify the schedule anymore.

Click “Save” to activate or update the schedule.

setting workers schedule

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