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Sending messages from the Command Portal

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This article explains how to send messages from the Command Portal to individual users or entire groups. In the mobile workspace, text messaging should be the least urgent method to transmit information. It’s too distracting and takes too much time to answer often requiring to take off Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). However, messaging can still be an important component to communicate with a worker for non-urgent messages as long as the worker knows that this alert for a text message means he or she doesn’t have to answer immediately. 

How to send messages to your users

Dispatchers can use the SMS message feature in the OnGuard Web Portal to send text messages to individual users or groups.

To access the message feature, click on the message tab.

Message Tab

To start a new message, click on the blue  “+” sign.

Select your User(s) or an entire Group.

New message

Type your message (150 Character Limit)

Then press “Send”

Send message

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