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Safety Status reported in OnGuard

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This article explains the different safety status that can be reported in OnGuard. The most important function of OnGuard is to report the safety status of all workers.

The user icon changes according to the reported safety status of the user and can be seen in the Command Portal and the Mobile Client showing up on both the map and the user list. There are four main colors associated to the safety status: grey, green, yellow or red while red has signifying an Emergency State has several types depending on how the Emergency State was triggered. This will allow you choose the right type of emergency response.

Not monitored iconNot monitoredThe user is currently not being monitored. This could be because the user is off schedule, manually disabled monitoring, doesn’t have network access or could not be located, or the phone is off.
SafeSafe ModeThe user is reporting a safe status and their location update is recent.
Life CheckLife Check ModeUser is in Life Check mode and required to provide proof of life on a set interval.
PanicPanic StateUser has pressed the Panic button.
Fall DetectedFall Detected StateA fall has been detected.
Idle DetectedIdle Detected StateThe user has been motionless for too long.
Danger ZoneDanger StateUser entered a Danger Zone.
Explosive GasExplosive Gas StateA paired gas detector has detected an explosive atmosphere.
Poisonous GasPoison Gas StateA paired gas detector has detected a poisonous atmosphere.
IDHL GasIDLH Atmosphere StateA paired gas detector has detected an IDLH atmosphere (immediately dangerous to life or health).

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