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OnGuard’s 24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring Service

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This article explains how to enable the 24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring Service in the OnGuard Command Portal. The service is included in all OnGuard Safety and OnGuard Premium subscriptions and can be purchased as an add-on subscription to OnGuard Comms.

Many organizations do not have a trained 24/7 dispatch center. Often supervisors and EHS managers are assigned to a call down list. But too often these people cannot be available all the time especially during overtime, night shifts or weekends. Plus, they are often stuck in meetings with their phones set to silent. OnGuard provides a 24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring Service with trained emergency response dispatchers.

Required Information

There are three types of information required to activate your users:

  1. Provide Escalation Notes on a company or group level
  2. Create emergency call down list on a group level
  3. Provide end user’s phone number

Escalation Notes

The Emergency Responder that will receive the Emergency Alert will see the Escalation notes and follow all instructions within. It is therefore important to provide all necessary information to support you.

Adding Escalation Notes

Escalation Notes can be provided on a company or on a group level. If a group doesn’t have escalation notes, the Emergency Responder will refer to the Company Escalation notes.

You can add escalation notes by clicking on the hamburger button next to the company or group name:

Group and Company escalation notes

It opens a free text field where you can add any kind of necessary information:

escalation notes field

Escalation Notes Examples:

For a single user

(use cases: real estate agent, psychologists)

For larger companies:

Try to contact user.

Second phone number: 

Call police 911.

Language: English

1st contact:



2nd contact



First Responders

If emergency on premise at address:

Northern gate occupied 24/7: phone number: 

Southern gate: pin code xxxx

For small companies

Language English

Contact user.

1st contact:



2nd contact First Responders

Creating an Emergency Call Down list

Click the hamburger button for the group and then “Group Properties”

Group properties

Click on the drop down menu in “Add Emergency Contact”, choose the contact to be the Emergency Contact for this group and then click the Plus icon. You can add several contacts and sort them by order.

call down list

Entering the End User phone number

This information is necessary as the Emergency Responder will try to call the end user in case of an emergency to rule out any false alarm. Make sure that all end users have their phone number entered. To add or change the phone number click on the hamburger button of the user. In the “User Profile” you can change the “Phone number”. Make sure to use the format ‘+“country code” “phone number”, e.g. +1 234 567 8910.


Activating 24/7/365 Emergency Monitoring Service 

On the top right, click on your Admin Username. Then click “Manage Organizations”

Manage Organization

In the Organization settings, choose “Monitoring Service” and Select “GEOS”  Then click “Update” to save.

select GEOS


Once you have successfully activated the Monitoring Service in the individual user settings you will find a “GEOS – OK” for each user.

GEOS Confirmation

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