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OnGuard Mobile App Overview

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This article will provide an overview of the OnGuard mobile app and briefly explain each function on the main screen. The OnGuard App is available on most Android or Apple devices.

Check out this short video to get a quick overview.

OnGuard Mobile App

The main screen shows the location of all the users, as well as their safety status: either green, yellow or red.  You will also see geofenced locations that can be used to automatically change your status or bring up safety notifications once you enter them. The layers icon layers allows you to toggle between Street View and Satellite.

End User Safety Status

The most important function of the OnGuard Mobile App is to report your safety status to your co-workers, safety team or dispatchers. You can change your safety status in the top bar: green, yellow or red. 

Safe button

The green bar with the checkmark is used to manually update your location to the system. Use this mode when working in a team away from hazards. Your safety status is safe.

Life Check buttonThe triangle button puts you into Life Check Mode where you will be prompted to check in on a regular schedule. If you are incapable to check-in, it will automatically escalate into an Emergency Alert. Use this mode when working alone or in a small group on any task that has an associated risk. You will be automatically enrolled into this mode when you enter a Life Check Zone. Reporting this safety status will put you on a special watch list for the Command Portal users so they can have an extra eye on you.
Panic buttonThe Exclamation button sends a panic alert to the system which will notify your co workers as well as anyone monitoring the Command Portal. And the app also detects falls and extended periods of idle and will send automatic emergency alerts. 

Co-workers and Locations

UsersThe Group button takes you to a list of your coworkers where you can see and their safety status and jump to their location by clicking on them.
LocationsThe Location button takes you to the list of locations. Frequently visited areas and locations can be added here. Clicking on a location will center the map on it. You can enable geofences for automating safety protocols like “Work Alone” or “Danger” zones.

Top Menu Icons

Eye iconThe Eye button turns monitoring OFF or ON. If the eye is crossed out your location will not be shown to any other end user, dispatcher or admin. Sensors for fall or idle detection are off in this state. However, pressing the Panic button will turn monitoring ON so that help can be sent to you. Make sure to turn monitoring ON when going to work.
CenterThe cross hairs button centers the map on your last reported location. Press the green bar to update your location immediately.
SettingsThe Setting button opens a menu where you can enter your “User Profile” or change “Settings” of the app.

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