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OnGuard Command Portal Overview

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This article will provide you with an overview of the web-based OnGuard Command Portal that allows you to manage users, see their safety status, communicate with all teams and respond to emergency alerts. Check out this overview video:

Command Portal Overview
Click on the image to watch the Command Portal Overview video.

Login to the web-based Command Portal

Navigate to, then enter the email address and password provided to you by your Admin. The home page is the login screen shown below:

Command Portal Main Screen

The OnGuard Command Portal is comprised of four main sections highlighted below.  From left to right: “Tabs” allows you to switch between different active views, “Active View” provides insights on the selected Tabs. “Map” shows the location of participants. The “Communication” panel allows you to manage talk groups and communicate with other users. Communication is limited to user of the tiers “Comms” and “Premium”.

Command Portal Overview
These are the different Command Portal sections


Watch list icon

Watch List

When a user enters a predetermined Life Check Zone or manually initiates Life Check Mode from the App, they will immediately show up in the Watch List.

Watch list user
This is how a user is displayed in the watch list
Alert list icon

Emergency Alert List 

All Emergency Alerts coming to the system from users, including Panic Alerts, Alerts from expired Life Check Intervals, Fall or Idle Detection Alerts and Gas Detection Alerts, will be shown here in real time.

Alert list user
This is how a user shows up in the alert list
Group/User icon

Users & Groups 

The Users & Groups tab is where all groups & individual users are accessed and administered. This tab is the default tab when logging into the Command Portal. It provides full visibility about the status of all users. Clicking on a user will take you to his/her current location.

Location icon


The Locations tab lists predefined locations of interest or importance and allows quick navigation to these mapped areas. These locations can be quickly added from the Command Portal or the App.  This is where geofences can be added to define Danger Zones and Life Check Zones.



The Messages tab allows to send messages to users and shows previously sent messages to and from users.

Map View

The map view allows to see the users location in real time. Moving across the map by clicking left mouse button and dragging sidewise or zooming in and out by using the plus and minus icon or holding CTRL + scrolling up or down is possible.


The Comms panel allows to create, manage and communicate to talk groups and individual users.

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