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Medical Info Screen

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This article explains what type of information might be relevant to a First Responders in case of a medical emergency when you are unable to speak or unconscious. OnGuard allows you to  enter personal health information into their user profile to be shown on the screen when an Emergency Alert is triggered.

What is the purpose of a Medical Info Screen?

The Medical Info Screen is essentially a “Digital Medic-Alert”  As First Responders are trained to look at the patient’s neck and wrists for medic alert tags, they are now trained to check the phone for any pertinent medical information.

Where do I enter the information?

Click on the “Settings Button” {Screenshot} then to “User Profile” and fill in the medical information as well as any other information that you would like to be displayed on the screen during an emergency.

User Profile

How will the information be displayed?

In the event of an Emergency Alert, the information will be displayed on the front screen of the OnGuard App

Medical Info Screen

What type of information is useful? 

Allergies, Medications and a brief Medical History are always important.

Medical Information

Who has access to this information?

The information is stored locally on the handset, so there is no concern about privacy.  The information is not transmitted or stored on a server. The user can choose what information they want to enter and how much detail.

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