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Managing OnGuard End Users

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This article will explain how an admin in the Command Portal can create, manage and delete OnGuard end users that would use the mobile client on their phones.

Creating Groups

To better organize your workforce, we recommend to create user groups. This can be done by job type, location or teams.

Click on the “+” button in the company level to create a new group and enter the group name.

To delete a group, you simply click on the “trash bin” button.

Create New Group

Enter the Group Name and click the “Create” button.

Inviting OnGuard End Users

To invite a new end user to a group, click on invite user buttonAdd new end user
Fill in user information on Invitation form.  Information must include either email address, phone number or IMEI. When complete, click “Send”Enter user information

Outstanding Invitations

To see any outstanding invitations that have been sent from your company, click the “Invites” tab in the top bar of the Command Portal.

Outstanding invites

Importing Users

OnGuard supports bulk importing of users with automatic generation of the necessary invitations. The type of file is a comma separated values (CSV) file.  Encoding is UTF-8, which is typically the default encoding.

Import File Structure

Import File Structure Table

Import file template: import_example.csv

Deleting Users

Navigate to the group the user is in

Click the trash bin icon

Delete a user

Check the checkbox beside the user to be deleted.

You can select several users. Once you have selected all users you want to delete, click ‘DELETE’.

Select users to delete


Q: If I delete a user, will their check-in and alert history be deleted?

A: No, the check-ins are stored long term so they are available for compliance reporting. If you need to completely delete a user history due to a privacy request please contact OnGuard directly: [email protected]

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