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Managing Command Portal Users

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This article explains how to create, delete or manage admins or dispatchers in the OnGuard Command Portal.

Accessing the User Management Panel

To manage Command Portal users (i.e. adding or removing Admins or Dispatchers), click on your user icon on the top right of the screen.

Depending on your user rights, you will see different menu options.

Click on “Manage Users”

Command Portal User Menu

Creating new Command Portal Users

Click on “Add User”

Add User
Click on “Add user”
Add user window
Add a new Command Portal User

Enter First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number.

Select user type: “Portal user(Web)”

Select role:

Dispatch: A dispatcher can see all groups and users, can manage and respond their safety status but doesn’t have editing rights to add or remove users.

Administrator: An admin has all rights of a dispatcher but can also create new admins, dispatchers or end users.

Create a Password:

Enter a safe password (min. 8 characters, contains a number, uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and a symbol)


If you are managing several companies, adding an organization will limit the rights for this user.

Managing a Command Portal User

Enter the name, email or phone number of the user in the field then click on the user.

selecting a user by name, e-mail or phone number
Enter a name, e-mail or phone number to select a user.

User information can be changed in the Name fields.

An End User can be upgraded to a Dispatcher or Administrator selecting the role, clicking “upgrade user” and entering a password. This person will receive an email with the login information.
Upgrading an end user
Upgrade an end user to a dispatcher or admin

Users, Dispatchers or Admins can be assigned to other organizations or groups.

End user passwords can be reset in this panel.

assign users
Assign admins or dispatchers to other organizations

Deleting a User

Click on your user icon and then “Manage User”. Type the name, email or phone number of the user you want to delete and select the right contact. Delete the user, dispatcher or admin by clicking the red “Delete User” button.

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