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How to trigger Emergency Alerts – Panic buttons

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This article explains how to trigger an Emergency Alert by pressing a panic button either in the OnGuard app or a dedicated red button on a phone.

On screen Panic Button

To enter Panic mode, open the OnGuard app and tap the Panic (exclamation) icon as shown below, then let the timer expire or tap ‘Send Now’ to immediately launch the Panic Alert.

virtual panic button confirm panic

Cancelling a Panic Alert

To cancel a Panic alert, tap the check mark icon. This will bring up a notification box asking to confirm that you want to cancel the panic alert. Tap ‘Yes’ to confirm.

Cancel panic Cancel Panic

Dedicated Red Key

Another way to trigger an Emergency Alert is to press a red panic button on a phone. Several Ruggedized smartphones have a dedicated “Red Key” that will trigger an immediate panic alert on the system.

Dedicated SOS button XP8 dedicated SOS button XP5S  programmable button CAT S42

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