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How to stay in Life Check Mode

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This article explains when it makes sense to constantly stay in Life Check Mode and how to enable this function.

Why you should always be in Life Check Mode

When a person is exposed to a hazard on a constant basis, like a Parking Authority or Security Personnel, they should always be in Life Check Mode. This will ensure that if there is any instance where the worker is threatened and unable to perform their “Life Check”, it will automatically escalate to an Emergency Alert and help will be dispatched.  By automating the Life Check Mode, when the user finishes their workday, they simply turn off the phone. When the phone is turned back on for the next shift, Life Check Mode will automatically be started.


Enabling Remain in Life Check Mode in the app

To set the device to “Remain in Life Check Mode” Go to User Settings and in the Life Check section move the toggle switch for “Remain in Life Check Mode” to the right. The device will remain in Life Check Mode until you unchecks this box.Remain in Life Check

Enabling Remain in Life Check Mode in the Command Portal

To set a user to “Remain in Life Check Mode”, go to User Settings go to “Life Check” and check the “Remain in Life Check Mode”.Remain in Life Check

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