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This article explains how you can become invisible to other members in your Guardian Group.

Why becoming invisible?

Although you and your Safety Buddies all trust each other, there are times when you don’t need or want to be visible to your Guardian Group and your privacy becomes more important. That’s why OnGuard allows you to become invisible. However, this should be the exception as you usually want your Guardian Group to know where you are and check in with them on a daily basis. It is a very simple way to get your privacy without signing out of the OnGuard Solo App.

Consequences of being invisible?

Should you get into a difficult situation and press the Panic button, you will instantly become visible again to your Guardian Group so they are able to provide assistance. However, you won’t be able to enter Life Check Mode. 

How to become invisible?

Tap the eye icon at the top of the screen and tap “Yes” in the box. You will see that the eye icon is now crossed out.

To become visible on the system again, tap the crossed out eye icon and tap “Yes” in the dialogue box.

Becoming invisible

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