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How to add a Safety Buddy to your OnGuard Solo Guardian Group

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This article will show you how to add a Safety Buddy in the OnGuard Solo App.

Who should be informed in an Emergency?

All people in your OnGuard Solo Guardian Group are called Safety Buddies. You care about each other and want to make sure that all of you are safe. That’s why you should add the people you trust.

What it means to be a Safety Buddy

In case anyone in your group gets into an emergency, everybody will receive an Emergency Alert and you can decide how to help your buddy in the most effective way. Sometimes it might be to call an ambulance but sometimes it could just be to drive over to your buddy’s current location if close by. OnGuard helps you do that. 

How to add Safety Buddies?

Adding your safety buddies is quick and easy. 

invite new user

  1. Click on the Group icon on the main screen
  2. Click on the “add user” icon
  3. Enter your buddies First Name, Last Name and Email Address
  4. Click “Send Invitation”

Your Safety Buddy will receive an email indicating that you have invited her/him to join your Guardian Group with instructions on how to download and create an account. Once your safety buddy has signed up, you will be able to see each other on the OnGuard Solo app.

How many Safety Buddies can I have in my OnGuard Solo Guardian Group?

You can have up to four people in your Guardian Group when using the free OnGuard Solo App.

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