Sending an emergency text message to a safety buddy

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This article explains how you can add a phone number to OnGuard that will automatically receive an emergency text message when you are in an emergency. You might have a group of co-workers in your Guardian Group but you also want to have your significant other informed when you have an emergency. OnGuard now allows you to send a text message with all relevant information in case of an emergency. This person does not have to be a member of your Guardian Group nor use the OnGuard app at all.

Where do I enter the phone number?

Go to Settings and scroll down to “On Emergency Alerts”  Enter the Phone# in the space provided.

SMS notifications

What format should I use?

Enter it in the same way you would type it into your mobile phone, preferably with the country code, e.g. for US/Canada +1 for UK +44 etc.

How does it work?

When an Emergency Alert is sent, the phone will automatically send a text message to the number you have entered. Information in the text message contains: Safety Status (e.g. PANIC), your name, time of the panic, your phone number, and your current location.


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