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Danger Zones in the Command Portal

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This article explains how to create a Danger Zone as a dispatcher or admin from the OnGuard Command Portal. 

What are Danger Zones?

When users enter a Danger Zone, their device will automatically trigger an Emergency Alert. When users exit the Danger Zone they automatically go back into safe mode (green). 

This feature is useful if you want to prevent workers from entering a zone with a high risk to life safety and health. It can also be dropped on a group of people to alert them of a dangerous situation to force them to evacuate.

Creating a Danger Zone

Click on the Location tab and then on the plus icon to add a location.

Add Location

In the Add New Location window:

  1. Enter a Location Name
  2. Choose “Danger” in Geofence Type
  3. In the map window, move the crosshair on the center of the targeted geofence area
  4. Modify the radius (maximum is 1,000m (=1,100 yards), for accuracy reasons the minimum should not be below 25min)
  5. Optional: You can create notifications that will pop up on the mobile phone of the end user entering the Life Check Zone.

Add check-in zone

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