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Creating Check-in geofences in the app

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This article explains how to create check-in geofences in the OnGuard application. 

What are check-in geofences?

When a user enters or leaves Check-in geofences, the time and location of this person will be recorded. Typical use cases are to know when employees are getting to your work site and who should be accounted for. In the case of maintenance and service companies, it would show when workers arrived at the customer side and how long they stayed there.

Creating check-in Geofences

Click on the Location button on the bottom right of the main screen. Then click on the + button to add a location.Add location

In the Add New Location window:

  1. Choose Location Type: Geofence
  2. Geofence type: Check-in
  3. In the map window, move the crosshair on the center of the targeted geofence area
  4. Modify the radius (maximum is 1,000m (=1,100 yards), for accuracy reasons the minimum should not be below 25min)
  5. Click “Next”
add check-in zone

On the next screen:

  1. Choose Group
  2. Enter a Location Name as it should show up in the location menu
  3. You can modify the address location if it wasn’t recognized properly
  4. Add any information to display when a person enters this geofence
edit location



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