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Creating a Point-of-interest (POI)

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This article will show you how to create a point-of-interest (POI) in OnGuard SOLO. You can use this to share an important place with your Safety Buddies or in times of a crisis or natural disaster to point out a safe location. Or it can just be the new bar in down where everybody wants to meet tonight.

OnGuard allows you to easily create a location:

  1. Click on the location icon at the bottom right of your main screen
  2. Click on the + icon
  3. Pull the cross hair over the desired location
  4. Select Location type: POI
  5. Click “Next”

Note: If you are using OnGuard Safety you will be given the option to choose between several types of locations and geofences that can trigger specific events and notifications when a user enters this zone.

Create Location POI 

6. Choose a location name or modify the address and click “Next” and “Done”

7. The Location will show up on the Map and in your Location Menu

Create Location POI 2


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