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Configuring Life Check Mode in the Command Portal

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This article explains how to configure Life Check Mode intervals in the OnGuard Command Portal. 

Not everybody is a lone worker but even within an industrial site many workers are working alone without any oversight. Life Check Mode provides a piece of mind to supervisors and workers knowing that no worker is left behind by allowing them to quickly check-in on a regular basis and provide proof of life. When the interval expires without users reaction, their app will automatically trigger an Emergency Alert.

Life Check Mode has several options, where especially the prompt interval is the most important one as it should be configured depending on the risk level of a task. 


To configure Life Check Mode settings, click on the “Hamburger Button” and then “User Properties”

User Properties
Then click on “Settings”Settings

Click on the “Life Check” bar to enter the configuration menu.

The prompt interval sets the time period between two Life Checks

If the user is required to always remain in Life Check, move the toggle over to the right.

In the prompt interval Confirmation timeout is the time the worker has to provide the Life Check after the interval expires.

Click “Save” at the bottom when finished.

Life Check Configuration

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