Configuring Life Check Intervals

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This article explains how to configure life check intervals in the OnGuard application. 

Not everybody is a lone worker but even within an industrial site many workers are working alone without any oversight. Life Check Mode provides a piece of mind to supervisors and workers knowing that no worker is left behind by allowing them to quickly check-in on a regular basis and provide proof of life. When the interval expires without users reaction, their app will automatically trigger an Emergency Alert.

Check out this article on how to enter Life Check Mode.

Life Check intervals can be easily configured by the user on the handset.  These intervals can be based on the level of hazard associated with the particular task the user needs to perform.  

Some tasks may require a 15 minute interval because the have a very high risk associated and others may require a 2 hour interval as they are very low risk.

All workers even when not working alone should be enrolled in Life Check mode with the maximum interval of 3 hours.

To set a Life Check interval, go to the “User Settings” panel.

OnGuard Settings

In the “Life Check” settings you can choose your “Prompt Interval” from 1 Minute to a 3 Hours interval.

NOTE: In OnGuard Protect the prompt interval is fixed to its default of 30mins.

Life Check Interval

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