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This article explains how you can add a phone number to your OnGuard account that will be automatically called in case of an Emergency Alert. You might have a group of co-workers in your Guardian Group but you also want to have your significant other informed when you have an emergency. OnGuard now allows you to initiate direct phone calls in case of an emergency. This person does not have to be a member of your Guardian Group nor use the OnGuard app at all.

Where do I enter the phone number?

Go to Settings and scroll down to “On Emergency”  Enter the Phone# in the space provided.

Call out number

Can I enter any phone number?

This number does not have to be an OnGuard Solo user but must not be a direct emergency number like 911, 999 or 112 for legal reasons. Keep in mind, all standard or international long distance rates will apply from your carrier. Enter it in the same way you would type it into the dialer on your mobile phone.

How does it work?

When an Emergency Alert is sent, the phone will automatically dial the number you have entered on a full volume speakerphone.  If you are unable to reach your phone, you will still be able to communicate.

What else should I consider? 

When your Safety Buddies receive an Emergency Alert from you, the first thing they might do is to call you to verify if this is a real emergency or simply a false alert. If you enter a phone number to dial out, your line might be busy as you are currently on a call. Another factor to consider is that this person might be busy and your call could go to the voice mailbox. 

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